Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try’s Boys So Angry?

Welcome to, where we delve into the captivating world of entertainment news. In this article, we explore the controversial “Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try’s Boys So Angry?” As a viral video quartet, the Try Guys have enthralled millions with their daring escapades, but recent events have shattered their tight-knit bond. Join us as we delve into the scandal that rocked their unity, examining the emotions, repercussions, and potential implications for their future. Discover the untold story behind the Try Guys’ anger and the impact it has had on their dynamic.

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?
Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try’s Boys So Angry?

I. Revealing the details of the scandal and the reason that led to Ned Fulmer’s dismissal

The Try Guys sent shockwaves through the internet when the details of the controversy were revealed, leading to the expulsion of Ned Fulmer from the group. As fans and followers of the Try Guys were left wondering what had transpired, the curtain was lifted, shedding light on the scandal and the factors that ultimately led to Fulmer’s dismissal.

The scandal began with the emergence of photographs taken at a bar featuring Fulmer, affectionately known as the “married guy” of the group due to his frequent references to his marriage with Ariel Fulmer, whom he had wed in 2012, kissing a cast member from the Try Guys’ spin-off series, “Baby Food Taste Test.” These images swiftly circulated on platforms like Reddit and TikTok, triggering an internal investigation that resulted in Fulmer’s termination.

In the aftermath, Fulmer took to Twitter to issue a statement emphasizing that his family remained his top priority. Meanwhile, the remaining Try Guys members released a shocking video statement (parodied in the SNL sketch) that quickly garnered millions of views, accompanied by an hour-long podcast episode titled “OK, Let’s Talk About It,” in which they offered their version of events.

The Try Guys, however, have remained silent regarding requests for comments from media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter. The specifics of the internal investigation have not been disclosed, but the group acknowledged that inappropriate behavior between Fulmer and the staff member had been occurring for some time. The staff member in question continues to be employed by Try Guys.

Coco Mocoe, a digital trend predictor based on TikTok, believes that the scandal had always been a ticking time bomb, an uncontrollable variable. She remarks, “It always felt like a time bomb ticking because it’s an unpredictable variable.” Mocoe refers to Fulmer’s focus on his marriage, being the “married guy” even among other members who were engaged or married. This aspect of his identity had been a profitable one for him. He embarked on an Architectural Digest home tour with his wife, published a cookbook titled “The Date Night Cookbook” together with her, and established a brand around the image of a seemingly blissful marriage. Mocoe adds, “I think that was definitely a smart business move — but it’s not necessarily stable just based on yourself.”

Mocoe draws a parallel between this scandal and a recent controversy involving Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who faced accusations of DMing a viral meme model. She explains, “Adam being faithful to his partner doesn’t affect his ability to sing well. While Ned’s entire personality and essence were being ‘the married guy,’ so him not being faithful directly affects maintaining that relationship with his audience.”

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?
Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try’s Boys So Angry?

If Try Guys member Eugene Lee Yang (portrayed by Bowen Yang in the SNL sketch) appeared visibly angry in the group’s “What Happened” video, it might be attributed to feelings of personal betrayal and financial concerns — elements that the Try Guys have amassed to a considerable extent.

According to Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola, who oversaw the career of YouTube sensation Like Nastya, an 8-year-old with over 101 million subscribers, Try Guys rank among the top-tier earners in the digital content realm. “In terms of influence, they have around 15 million followers across social media platforms and have accumulated over 2 billion views since launching their brand and channels in 2018, so they are very popular and have a deep understanding of internet culture,” Baumel notes.

II. Watch video Try guys scandal: Why are try’s boys so angry?

III. Try Guys team handled the situation

“In terms of revenue, they have 4,000 patrons on Patreon, so if the average patron pays $25 per month, they generate around $100,000 monthly. On YouTube, they average 30 million monthly views. With an average RPM [revenue per thousand views, representing the amount earned per 1,000 views] of $5, they would make $150,000 per month on YouTube alone. If you add merchandise, Facebook, Snapchat, and sponsored content, they can generate around $500,000 per month or even more.”

This amounts to a staggering $6 million per year from online content alone. Additionally, the group has supplemental revenue sources, including their lead roles in “No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys,” a television show set to air in August on Food Network and Discovery+, and the release of their book, “The Hidden Power of F**king Up,” in 2019. They are earning more than ever before, and yet, it is all in jeopardy.

Baumel believes that the group has handled the situation as well as one would expect. “Especially when such a close-knit group has been working together for a while and discovers such a major scandal from a fan, not a source, meaning Ned,” he says. “It’s hard to keep working together, and the strong reaction from fans and sponsors can truly damage the brand, so they don’t have many other choices.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him and his wife on Good Morning America or Red Table Talk,” predicts Mocoe. “I feel like a lot of celebrities go on Red Table Talk as a way to gauge the situation and see how people will react to them, so I could see them doing some press rounds to see how people respond. I think it’s going to be very difficult for him to recover that ‘happy marriage’ image that he has truly profited from, especially if they’re not together anymore.”

Thus far, the Fulmers, who are raising two young sons together, have presented a united front, captured in photographs as they left their LA home the day after the Try Guys admitted to the scandal. Both were wearing their wedding rings.

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?

As for Yang, Mocoe speculates that the group’s sole diverse member — of Korean descent and openly gay — may seize this moment to create distance from the Try Guys.

“He wasn’t even present in the podcast [“OK, Let’s Talk About It”],” she notes. “And if you look at Eugene’s social media, my prediction is that he’s going into politics. He just campaigned with Beto [O’Rourke] in Texas. He’s also from Texas, and he talks about it a lot. A lot of his photos are at various campaign events.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to become a progressive figure in Texas politics,” she says.

The Try Guys has undoubtedly shaken the foundation of the group, tarnishing their image and reputation. However, the group has taken steps to address the situation and navigate the challenges in maintaining their popularity and support from their audience.

IV. Threats to the image and popularity of the Try Guys group after the scandal

The Try Guys not only dealt a blow to the personal relationships within the group but also posed significant threats to their reputation and popularity. As news of the scandal spread, the Try Guys found themselves facing a range of challenges that could potentially impact their brand and the support they had garnered from their loyal fanbase.

One of the primary threats the Try Guys faced was the potential loss of trust from their audience. Fans who had connected with the group and admired their authenticity and camaraderie now had to grapple with the revelation of inappropriate behavior within their ranks. The scandal undermined the image of unity and integrity that the Try Guys had cultivated, leaving many feeling betrayed and disillusioned.

In the age of social media, scandals can spread rapidly, and public perception can change overnight. The Try Guys had built their success on the trust and support of their followers, who expected transparency and honesty from the group. The scandal put their credibility on the line, and the way they handled the aftermath would play a crucial role in determining whether they could regain the trust of their fanbase.

Another significant threat to the Try Guys’ reputation came in the form of negative media coverage and public scrutiny. Scandals often attract attention from media outlets and social media platforms, which can amplify the negative aspects of the situation. The Try Guys had to contend with criticism, judgment, and potentially damaging headlines that could tarnish their image and erode their popularity.

Furthermore, the scandal also posed a risk to their relationships with sponsors and brand partnerships. Companies that had previously collaborated with the Try Guys might reconsider their associations in light of the controversy. Sponsors are sensitive to any potential harm to their own reputation, and they may distance themselves from individuals or groups involved in scandals. Losing support from sponsors could have financial implications for the Try Guys and impact their ability to continue creating content at the same level of quality and scale.

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?

The Try Guys also faced the challenge of addressing the scandal’s impact on their future projects and endeavors. The scandal overshadowed their previous accomplishments and achievements, potentially casting doubt on their ability to maintain their popularity and success moving forward. They needed to reassure their fanbase that they were committed to learning from their mistakes and would take steps to ensure a more accountable and respectful environment within the group.

However, amidst these threats, there may also be opportunities for growth and redemption. How the Try Guys handle the aftermath of the scandal and the actions they take to rebuild trust and maintain transparency will play a crucial role in shaping their future. The public’s response and their willingness to forgive and support the group will also be pivotal in determining the long-term impact on their reputation and popularity.

Navigating the fallout from a scandal is a complex and delicate process, and the Try Guys must remain committed to addressing the concerns of their audience, rebuilding trust, and holding themselves accountable. Ultimately, it is their actions and the authenticity of their efforts that will determine whether they can overcome the threats to their reputation and regain their standing in the eyes of their supporters.

V. Emotional Betrayal and Financial Consequences

The Try Guys Scandal not only brought about emotional turmoil within the group but also had potential financial consequences for its members, with Eugene Lee Yang being particularly affected. The revelation of the scandal led to feelings of personal betrayal among the Try Guys, challenging the trust and bond they had built over years of collaboration. Additionally, the scandal had the potential to impact their financial stability and future prospects.

Emotional betrayal is a deeply painful experience, and for the Try Guys, it was no different. The scandal involved a breach of trust within their close-knit circle, leaving the members feeling hurt, disappointed, and even angry. The personal relationships that had flourished among the group were suddenly put to the test, and the emotional fallout was significant. Eugene Lee Yang, being one of the core members, likely experienced a profound sense of betrayal, given his commitment and dedication to the group’s success.

The impact of the scandal on Eugene’s personal well-being and mental state cannot be underestimated. The emotional toll of navigating such a challenging situation, dealing with the fallout, and reconciling his own feelings of anger and hurt would have been immense. The trust that had been shattered would need time and effort to rebuild, both within the group and personally for Eugene.

Moreover, the scandal had the potential to disrupt the Try Guys’ financial stability. As a collective, the Try Guys had built a significant online presence, accumulating billions of views and millions of followers. This popularity translated into various revenue streams, including YouTube ad revenue, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and Patreon support.

However, the scandal’s impact on their brand and reputation could potentially lead to financial setbacks. Sponsors and brand partnerships might reconsider their associations with the Try Guys, impacting future collaborations and potential sources of income. Companies are cautious about protecting their own reputation, and any negative association could result in lost opportunities for the group.

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?

In Eugene’s case, the financial consequences might be particularly felt. As one of the Try Guys’ core members, his individual brand and endeavors are closely intertwined with the group’s success. The scandal’s fallout could affect his personal ventures, including potential solo projects, endorsements, and collaborations outside of the Try Guys. The loss of financial opportunities due to the tarnished reputation of the group could have a significant impact on his income and career trajectory.

However, it’s important to note that the full extent of the financial consequences is uncertain. The Try Guys have a dedicated fanbase, and their ability to engage and connect with their audience has been a significant factor in their success. If they can effectively address the scandal, rebuild trust, and demonstrate their commitment to growth and accountability, it is possible that their fanbase will continue to support them, mitigating some of the financial repercussions.

It will require a collective effort from the Try Guys, including Eugene, to navigate the emotional and financial consequences of the scandal. They must prioritize open communication, healing, and rebuilding the trust that has been broken. By demonstrating their commitment to personal growth, accountability, and maintaining the quality of their content, they can work towards regaining the support of their audience and potentially mitigating some of the financial impacts.

VI. Forecast of the group’s future after the scandal

Forecasting the future of the group after the scandal is a complex question and it is difficult to make precise predictions. However, there is a fair amount of possibilities for the members and the direction they can take after this scandal.

For Ned Fulmer and his wife, television appearances can be a way to confront the public and apologize for inappropriate behavior that has occurred. However, success in rebuilding the image and restoring trust from the public will not be easy. There can be a sharp contrast between the image of a happy marriage that Ned has built and the betrayal that this scandal has created. This could pose a huge challenge for Ned and his wife as they try to rebuild their image and stay active in the entertainment industry.

Regarding Eugene Lee Yang, getting involved in politics could be a potential direction. Eugene has campaigned with Beto O’Rourke in Texas, and through social media posts he has shown interest and involvement in political issues. Given her influence and popularity, Eugene was able to use her platform to advance important issues and participate in social change.

However, entering politics is not an easy decision and can bring with it its own set of challenges. Becoming a popular political figure requires patience, political knowledge, and the ability to handle public pressure. Eugene will need to prepare and continue to develop the skills necessary to deal with these challenges.

Try Guys Scandal: Why Are Try's Boys So Angry?

It should be remembered that predicting the future is an uncertain business and can change over time. The public reaction and adjustment of the members of the Try Guys group will play an important role in determining their future direction.

Most importantly, the members of the Try Guys group need to continue to work to deal with the aftermath of the scandal and find ways to rebuild their image, rebuild trust, and maintain their fans’ support. Their honesty, responsibility, and adaptability will determine the extent of the group’s success and future after the scandal.

VII. FQAs try guys scandal

Q: What is the Try Guys Scandal?

A: The Try Guys refers to a controversy surrounding the viral video quartet known as the Try Guys. The scandal involves inappropriate behavior by one of the members, Ned Fulmer, leading to his expulsion from the group.

Q: What were the details of the scandal?

A: The scandal unfolded when photos emerged of Ned Fulmer kissing a cast member from the Try Guys’ spin-off series, “Baby Food Taste Test.” These images circulated on social media, triggering an internal investigation and ultimately resulting in Ned’s dismissal from the group.

Q: How did the other Try Guys members react to the scandal?

A: The remaining members of the Try Guys, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, expressed shock, disappointment, and anger in response to the scandal. The betrayal they felt had a profound impact on their personal and professional relationships.

Q: What are the threats to the Try Guys’ reputation and popularity?

A: The scandal poses risks to the Try Guys’ reputation and popularity. The loss of trust from their audience, negative media coverage, and potential backlash from sponsors can all undermine their brand image. Rebuilding trust and maintaining their fanbase’s support are crucial challenges they face.

Q: How will the scandal affect the Try Guys’ future?

A: The scandal has introduced uncertainties about the Try Guys’ future. The group may need to redefine their dynamic, rebuild their image, and regain the trust of their audience. The consequences may include shifts in their content, collaborations, and individual pursuits.

Q: Is there any information on Ned Fulmer’s future endeavors?

A: Details about Ned Fulmer’s future endeavors are unknown at this time. It remains to be seen how he will address the scandal and whether he will pursue opportunities separate from the Try Guys.

Q: Will Eugene Lee Yang engage in politics?

A: Eugene Lee Yang’s involvement in politics is a possibility. He has previously shown interest in political campaigns and has been vocal about social and political issues. However, his specific future involvement in politics is uncertain and dependent on various factors.

Q: How are the Try Guys addressing the scandal?

A: The Try Guys have released a video statement and a podcast episode discussing the scandal, aiming to provide transparency and offer their perspective on the events. They are working to learn from their mistakes, rebuild trust, and maintain open communication with their fanbase.

“Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from various sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information. news, but we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is accurate and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we advise you to exercise caution when referring to this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.”

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