‘Try That in a Small Town Video’: Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

The music industry has been rocked by a recent controversy involving country music artist Jason Aldean and his music video for ‘Try That in a Small Town Video.’ This seemingly innocuous homage to small-town camaraderie has elicited a fierce backlash, igniting debates on the intersection of art, politics, and social messaging within the music industry. As reported by dainamgroup.com.vn, this incident not only impacts Aldean’s career and reputation but also shapes broader discussions about artistic responsibility and freedom of expression. This article delves into the factors contributing to the controversy and its implications for Aldean and the music industry at large.

'Try That in a Small Town Video': Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry
‘Try That in a Small Town Video’: Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

I. ‘Try That in a Small Town Video’: Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

1. Brief overview of Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ video controversy.

The music video for Jason Aldean’s song ‘Try That in a Small Town’ has been mired in controversy since its release. Criticisms have arisen over the video’s representation of protests as violent and lawless, while the artist maintains that it’s an ode to the communal spirit of his upbringing. Additionally, controversy has sprung from the video’s inclusion of stock footage from protests in Canadian cities, seemingly contradicting the song’s American-centric narrative. This backlash has resulted in the video being pulled, sparking heated discussions in the music industry and beyond.

2. Short introduction to the singer, Jason Aldean.

Jason Aldean is a well-known figure in the country music scene. Born in 1977, the Georgia native has carved a successful career with a series of chart-topping albums and singles since his debut in 2005. Aldean’s signature blend of country and rock has earned him multiple awards, including several from the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. Despite his commercial success, Aldean has often found himself at the center of controversy, with the current backlash over his ‘Try That in a Small Town’ video serving as the latest instance.

II. Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town (Official Music Video)

III. Background of the Controversy

1. Overview of the song and video’s content.

‘Try That in a Small Town’ is a song by country music artist Jason Aldean, released in May 2023. The song, according to Aldean, is a tribute to the sense of community he experienced growing up. The lyrics do not explicitly mention race or any divisive issues, rather they champion the small-town camaraderie where neighbors care for each other despite differences. The accompanying music video, directed by Shaun Silva, depicts a variety of scenes. The most contentious ones are those featuring stock footage of protests which are portrayed as chaotic and lawless. The video also includes scenes of Aldean and his band performing in front of a courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, a location infamous for a 1933 lynching incident.

2. Discussion of the video’s initial reception and subsequent backlash.

Upon its initial release, the video received mixed reviews, with some praising Aldean’s artistic expression while others critiqued its political undertones. However, the backlash truly escalated when critics began to dissect the video’s content more thoroughly. The portrayal of protests as senseless violence, the use of stock footage from Canadian protests despite the song’s American narrative, and the controversial choice of the courthouse as a filming location all stoked the fire of criticism. This eventually led to the video being pulled amidst growing public disapproval. Aldean’s defense of his artistic choices further intensified the debate, causing a stir in the music industry and making ‘Try That in a Small Town’ a controversial point of discussion.

'Try That in a Small Town Video': Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

IV. Detailed Analysis of the Controversy

1. Examination of specific elements in the video causing controversy:

Depiction of protests as violent and lawless: One of the key elements drawing backlash is the portrayal of protests in the video. The scenes depict chaotic and violent scenes, leaving an impression that protests lack any legitimate cause or reason. Critics argue that this oversimplified representation can promote a harmful narrative about civil unrest.

Use of stock footage from non-American sources, particularly from Canada: Critics also took issue with the use of stock footage from Canadian protests. This use of international footage seems to contradict the song’s focus on American small-town life. The footage includes scenes from the 2010 G20 protests in Toronto and the 2012 student protests in Montreal.

The performance in front of a historically significant courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee: Adding to the controversy is the choice of the filming location. Aldean and his band perform in front of a courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, a site known for a 1933 lynching. Critics claim this further deepens the video’s contentious message.

2. Reactions from the public and critics, citing key criticisms:

Public and critical reception to the video was overwhelmingly negative, focusing on the above points of contention. Critics argue that the video’s depiction of protests fuels harmful stereotypes and overlooks the underlying causes of such civil unrest. They also take issue with the mixing of international footage into a narrative centered on American experiences. Moreover, the historical implications of the courthouse location were not overlooked, adding another layer to the critiques.

3. Counter-arguments presented by Jason Aldean, including his interpretation of the song and video:

In response to the backlash, Jason Aldean defended his artistic choices. He clarified that the song was meant to evoke a sense of community he felt in his youth, and that it did not reference any racial or divisive issues. He also stressed that there was no unreal footage in the video. Aldean saw the criticisms as not only baseless but also dangerous, pushing back against the claims made by critics. He argued for the respect of different interpretations of artistic works, although he felt the reactions to this particular video went too far. Despite the criticism, Aldean held firm in his interpretation and defense of ‘Try That in a Small Town’.

'Try That in a Small Town Video': Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

V. The Impact on the Music Industry

1. The effects of the controversy on Jason Aldean’s career and reputation.

The controversy surrounding ‘Try That in a Small Town’ has undeniably affected Jason Aldean’s career and reputation. With the video being pulled amid the backlash, this marks a significant event in Aldean’s career that has brought his artistic choices under intense scrutiny. The public’s response, varying from disappointment to outright condemnation, has cast a shadow over his previously celebrated work. While it’s too early to measure the long-term impact on his career, the controversy certainly taints his reputation and potentially alienates a portion of his fan base.

2. Discussion of how the controversy has affected the industry’s perception of such political or social messages in music videos.

The music industry has long been a platform for political and social commentary. However, the controversy surrounding Aldean’s video has stirred a wider conversation about the responsibility of artists when tackling such subjects. It underscores the need for sensitivity and informed representation when handling themes that could potentially be divisive. The backlash has served as a reminder to the industry that audiences are paying close attention to the messages conveyed in music and accompanying visuals. It suggests that the industry may need to rethink how political and social themes are presented, focusing on authenticity, respectful representation, and consideration of historical and global contexts.

VI. Broader Implications

1. An exploration of the wider implications of the controversy on freedom of artistic expression.

The controversy surrounding ‘Try That in a Small Town’ raises important questions about the freedom of artistic expression. While artists should be free to express their views and sentiments through their work, this incident highlights the potential repercussions when such expressions are perceived as insensitive or harmful. It underscores the delicate balance that must be struck between freedom of expression and responsible messaging. On one hand, limiting artistic expression can stifle creativity and censor important discussions. On the other hand, unchecked freedom can potentially lead to the dissemination of misleading or harmful narratives. This controversy serves as a stark reminder that artists, while free to express themselves, must also be prepared for the reactions their work might provoke.

2. Analysis of the role and responsibilities of artists in shaping public opinion.

Artists, with their far-reaching influence, play a crucial role in shaping public opinion. Their work can bring light to issues, spark conversations, and even drive social change. However, with this influence comes responsibility. The controversy around Jason Aldean’s video illustrates how the portrayal of social issues in artistic work can impact public perception. It shows that artists must be cognizant of the messages they convey, as their interpretations can significantly influence their audience’s understanding and perception of these issues. Moreover, this incident reminds artists of the need to approach potentially sensitive topics with care, thorough research, and empathy, to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or overlooking significant aspects of these issues.

'Try That in a Small Town Video': Why It’s Causing Stir in the Music Industry

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